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On impact at the pile of material building in the receiving vessel the material column. in effect collapsing on itself, tends to another the release of any dust that might otherwise break from its attraction to other particles, and even redistribution of the dust and fines within the material mass, and limited dust "bounce-back" are the results.

Safety and improved working conditions are other advantages. The Redwing Nozzle is so effective is controlling ambient dust, workers in many cases need not wear masks or other apparatus, and are able to see clearly what their footing is and the level of material in the receiving vessel.

The air free mass of material also allows denser leading of light materials, taking the most advantage of allowable weights loaded.

Reduced losses, cleaner, safer working conditions and drastically reduced clean-up labor are other advantages.

Newly available, remote, single point quick-adjust controls make changing flow rates and/or materials a matter of only a moments attention.

This new answer to the old dust control problem required no costly operating power as it reuses the energy already expended to elevate the material to its load-out point. It requires no extra storage space of complicated installation or maintenance.

It is affordable and effective.