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  Due to the compacting effect taking place here, any remaining air in the material is squeezed out and expelled up through the hollow, vented impeller/distributor. This slight pressure differential below the impeller further aids the movement of fines toward the center of the Nozzle.

The peripheral supply of heavier particles to this retained head and the flow of material being drawn from the center of the head creates an inverted cone form in the retained head. Heavier particles, moving toward the center of this conical basic further pushes the fines toward the center of the stream exiting the valve.

Also here in this basin a natural phenomenon of the particle-to-particle attraction is affected. This is an important function due to the fact that even those dust particles that may not have found their way to the center of the stream are attracted to other particles in the stream.

The exiting material stream flows in a tapered cylindrical stream typical of laminar flow, the exterior of this stream forming a sheath of "clean" particles which surround the dust bearing core.